The attorneys of Santen & Hughes' Medical Malpractice Group represent people who have been injured by the negligence of doctors and other medical care providers.

The skillful handling of medical malpractice cases requires expertise in a complex body of law and knowledge of medical science and practice. Our medical malpractice team has over 70 years combined experience assessing, trying, and resolving cases against doctors, dentists, and hospitals.

A vital part of a successful medical malpractice case is the use of well credentialed expert witnesses who provide opinions and testify in court. Our firm has an existing network of doctors and nurses across the country who are involved from the beginning of every case and who objectively evaluate the merits of a case in advance of the filing of any lawsuit. We carefully screen potential cases and accept only those cases that we are willing to take to court.

Our attorneys know well the pain and loss that victims of medical negligence have suffered. We treat our clients with respect and dignity. Our attorneys keep our clients informed at every stage of a case and are available to answer questions and help the client fully understand the process.

There is a tremendous commitment of time, expense, and emotion that is required from the patient in a malpractice case. Our attorneys recognize the value of alternative dispute resolution and are pragmatic about settlement of claims when dialogue may lead to fair and favorable terms for compensation for our clients' injuries. Yet, we are prepared to take every case to a jury if an equitable settlement cannot be reached.

Each member of our legal team is licensed in Ohio and Kentucky and accept cases in Northern Kentucky as far south as Lexington, and in Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton and Middletown Ohio (Montgomery, Clermont, Warren, Butler and Hamilton Counties). Your initial phone consultation is always free.

There is a limited amount of time to file any lawsuit. If you fail to act to assert your rights, your claim may become barred.