Our Litigation Group boasts a stable of trial lawyers who are known to the judiciary and experienced in front of juries. We are advocates who have argued and shaped the law at the highest levels, including the United States Supreme Court, the Ohio Supreme Court, and the Federal Courts of Appeals. Yet, our most important credential is our focus on our clients' unique objectives in litigation.

We recognize that our clients' interest does not necessarily lie in winning a trial, but in achieving the best result. We know that litigation is often an interruption of our client's business and life. By gaining an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, and by listening to learn the client's true interest, our attorneys use the tools of litigation and dispute resolution to bring about the best outcome for the client. We understand the costs of litigation and the value of our clients' time. We work to find solutions in an efficient way. We pursue careful pretrial preparation and communicate with the adverse party to avoid the need for trials. But when no resolution is possible, our attorneys have the determination and resolve to win cases, whether in the courtroom or in arbitration.

Our Litigation Group has the experience and the depth of talent to meet the complex litigation needs of large businesses, as well as those of families and individuals. Our attorneys meet regularly to share experiences and insights, and to discuss and educate one another on current issues affecting our practices. Of course our firm offers all the technological, information and personnel resources to take on the most complex cases, but our attorneys recognize that these are no substitute for the hard work of making a case. We offer litigation counsel that our clients can rely on when the stakes are high.