The State of Ohio, the federal government, various municipalities and other authorities have the power to take private property for public purposes.

Properties taken under this power have included factories, buildings, parking lots, garages, gas stations, junk and parts properties, residences, downtown buildings and properties, billboards and advertising signs, shopping centers, aerial easements, river properties and many others, all of which types Santen & Hughes has been involved in primarily for plaintiffs but at times for appropriating authorities.

Each case is different, the value of the property taken is determined by a real estate appraiser or appraisers together with damages to the residue. Highway and taking plans are obtained, assessed and reviewed carefully with the property owners. As counsel, we visit the property and view the taking plans as drawn by the governmental authorities.

Various appraisal methods are utilized to determine fair market value of the taking and damages to the residue by the use of comparable sales, economic approaches and cost less depreciation methods.

At Santen & Hughes we have been involved in the area of eminent domain for over 25 years.

We confer with the government, its negotiators, file responses to lawsuits filed, prepare motions and take depositions.

We prepare aerial photographs and plats to illustrate the nature and effect of the takings.

We have been involved with over 100 eminent domain cases, negotiating, settling or trying the issue of fair market value to juries in the state and federal courts in Ohio.