The Santen & Hughes firm has been involved as private and trial counsel for over 50 years in handling admiralty, maritime and barge injury cases for plaintiffs and seamen seeking compensation under the Jones Act and the Longshoreman Act.

These cases arose mainly on the Ohio River. The Santen office in Cincinnati overlooks the Ohio River where tugs and barges use this waterway.

We understand the legal issues of these admiralty cases and the rights of the seamen involved.

We understand and are familiar with the Doctrines of Maintenance and Cure and pursue these Doctrines for injured parties as well as damages for injuries sustained where engaged as attorneys.

Our investigation of these cases is definitive and thorough. We understand the obligations of the masters of maritime vessels and will pursue claims in behalf of seamen when they have been injured and various maritime laws have been violated.

William Santen, Sr. is and has been a trial lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio for 55 years having tried, negotiated and been involved in civil cases with over 70 cases tried to juries in various state and federal courts. Santen is a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General and was trial counsel for the City of Cincinnati. He has been awarded the Cincinnati Bar Association's John Warrington Community Service Award and its Lifetime Achievement Award, the latter award in 2014. He is presently chairman of the Senior Lawyers Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association.

William Santen, Jr. is and has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years. He has tried numerous civil matters in state and federal courts to juries in the State of Ohio. He has been involved in maritime cases in Ohio and Kentucky involving injuries to seamen on the Ohio River. He is also very familiar with the customs of working barge employees, including barge hands, first mates, captains, etc. He understands the issues involved in the Jones Act, Longshoreman's Act and the Doctrines of Maintenance and Cure which are important aspects of all seamen's cases for injuries flowing from their work on the River involving tugs and barge traffic.